Day 2

I wrote some more the night of August 26 (Day 1), and then some more yesterday, August 27 (Day 2). I haven’t written yet today, which is technically Day 3, but I figure I ought to post for Day 2 first. Anyway, I’ll stop babbling now. Maybe.

I introduced a new character, a sort of Rumpelstiltskin that offers to help our lovers out of their jam. He’s a definite shape-shifter archetype, not to spoil things, but it’d probably be obvious anyway. I keep second-guessing myself about self-publishing vs. traditional, which is way, way too early to worry about, but I do anyway. I find the process intimidating I guess, which is why I think traditional might be “simpler.” It would also keep me from having to pay for editing and cover design. I could probably finance that myself though. I’ll just shut up and stop worrying about it.

Time spent: 30ish minutes spread over the two days, possibly more since I was interrupted multiple times (kids fighting)
Words written: 714

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