4/18/2022: Meh

I missed posting yesterday, and I won’t make excuses for it. I could have fit it in. Today, I don’t feel much like writing an essay or fiction or even a poem. I just feel kinda… meh. I’m starting to feel pulled in the direction of working on more technical projects and less on writing. I might still write about these, but I may not write about them every day. I don’t. I worry this is Resistance cropping up. Does anyone have any thoughts?

One thought on “4/18/2022: Meh

  1. If you want to know if it’s Resistance, you could try setting a reminder for yourself in three days or a week to look back and consider how you feel about it. You might start writing again before the reminder alerts you, or you might not notice until it nudges you. Either way, you’ll have a feeling about it. If it is Resistance, you’ll know what to look for next time.

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