Ray the puppy standing on his hind legs with his forelegs on his enclosure; his left paw is deformed into a pincer shape.

4/15/2022: Ray of Light

Today, I want to highlight a special little guy in need of a good home soon. Ray is the sweetest little (big) guy I’ve come across in a long, long time. Trigger warning: there’s cuteness but also a picture of a dog’s stitches after an amputation.

We foster puppies a few times a year when the local animal shelter needs volunteers to take them over holiday breaks or when they’re full. The puppy staying with us now is named Ray. He had a deformed paw (see picture above), but the shelter amputated his leg. Sounds drastic, but it got in his way and threw his balance off when walking. I don’t know the state of the art in animal prosthetics, but I guess the shelter probably can’t afford it for a puppy that would quickly outgrow it.

Ray doesn’t let it get him down too much. He occasionally yowls in pain, and it’s not always clear what caused the pain aside from missing a leg. Of all the puppies we’ve fostered, he is the sweetest. If we didn’t live in a condo, I’d take him in a heartbeat. But, he’s going to be a big dog. It wouldn’t be fair to make him hobble around this little place. Besides, Wasabi and Ginger harass him every chance they get. That also would not be fair to him.

If you have some space for a big dog, and wouldn’t mind housebreaking a puppy, go here to the shelter’s site. He’s not up for adoption quite yet, but he will be next week. I’ll update the link when he’s put up for adoption. Until then, watch the shelter’s page! Thank you.

P.S. He’s a chewer, so watch your slippers! Below is a picture of Ray post-surgery.

Ray the puppy sleeping in his bed with a gnarly surgery scar and stitches after his leg amputation.
Ray sleeping two days after surgery

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