3/28/2022: A Limerick

I’m trying something new. Every day I’ll write for 10 minutes. I won’t limit what I write to any particular thing. It could be fiction, poetry, an essay, whatever. The goal is to write and then publish and share it. I need to get over my fear of publishing and I need to build a writing (and publishing) habit.

Short and, well, definitely not sweet. But, 8 in a row!

There was once a man from Howell
Whose flatulence was the most foul.
His wife so complained
That it caused such pain
And shoved a rose up his bowel.

I have no idea what to write today, so I started with a limerick for some reason. I warned you that it could be anything! I enjoy comedy quite a bit, and much of my family had stereotypical blue-collar senses of humor. There’s nothing wrong with liking George Carlin and Dmitri Martin.

If you like what you’ve read, please let me know, and I would also appreciate you sharing it with your people (or very smart pets). Let me know who your favorite comedians are. If you want to make sure you don’t miss these, subscribe to my newsletter below or subscribe to my social networks. Thanks for reading!

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