Borg Picard Next to Thanos with the words "Resitance is Inevitable"

Resistance is… Inevitable

Yes, I’m mixing my sci-fi fandom metaphors here. But, that’s okay. Because what’s important is that I wrote something. Originally, I intended to write a thematic analysis of The Lost Boys, which I might still do, but the weekend got away from me. Partly because I watched The Lost Boys and six other movies in a horror marathon at my local theatre. Partly due to Resistance.

The War of Art

If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s from Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art, which I’ve heard referenced many times but never actually remember reading even though I have (at least that’s what Goodreads says, and they know all). Pressfield describes Resistance as a negative force that leads us away from that which deep in ourselves we know we need and ought to do. In my case, it’s writing and many other endeavors I’ve considered over the years. But it could be anything from ballet to completing your zoology degree. The closer you get to accomplishing what you feel like you were put here to do, the harder it becomes to finish.

My brain thought it necessary to re-read all of The War of Art before continuing to write any more on my work in progress (oh, the irony), or to play mobile games to “relax.” Actually, it just makes me more anxious because I’m not doing the work. This happens in my day job as a software engineer as well when I have some gnarly, ambiguous task or software to design and suddenly can’t focus on it or find something more straightforward to do instead.

I recommend everyone read The War of Art. It’s a quick read too. I just wanted to acknowledge and document it. And make you read about it. It’s kind of like group therapy, right? Well, anyway, I should get back to my work in progress and stop giving Resistance too much more time. What do you struggle to finish? Let me know in the comments. I’m interested. Maybe we can resist Resistance together.

Quote of the Week

“Don’t bury your failures. Let them inspire you.”


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