Day 14 (Two Weeks!)

Well, I’ve made it to the two-week mark! I’m happy to have made it this far without missing a day. Let’s see where we ended up for the day:

Time spent: 18 minutes
Words written: 480

Not too shabby. I seem to be stopping early when I could keep going, but I also don’t want to stop somewhere that’s a good ending point and feel like I have no impetus to move on. We’ll see how this plays out over time. Obviously, if I wanted to write full-time, this wouldn’t do for a day’s work. Next, let’s take a look at how the week turned out:

Weekly Stats
Time spent: 101 minutes
Words written: 2,663
Average time per day: 14 minutes
Average words per day: 380
Average words per minute: 26

If you recall from Day 7, I listed the first week’s stats. By comparison, I wrote 5 minutes less per day this week than last. However, I wrote more words per minute this week than last, 26 versus 21. That’s over a 20% increase. I think it’s primarily because I’m hitting my stride with the characters and the words are coming easier. The past week was a little busier personally with Labor Day weekend, kids starting school, work being busy, and also I was trying to finish Night Film (affiliate link) since I was getting near the end and it’s a pretty good thriller. I’ll cover what I’ve been reading recently in my next post.

Eventually, tracking these stats won’t be very meaningful once I’m no longer writing the manuscript. When I’m revising, the time matters more than the total change in word count. For now, I’ll continue doing it since I’m a nerd and find it interesting. 🤓

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