Day 5

I got a nice, long uninterrupted period to write today while most of my children were out of the house and my wife was napping. A whopping 42 minutes! Then I finished the first chapter and decided to stop, which was probably a bad idea in terms of momentum. I’ve heard/read advice that you should leave things in the middle so you have more motivation to continue writing. If you stop at a natural break like the end of a chapter, you might be more likely to put off writing again. However, I’m hoping that my habit building will override that.

I started writing this in Google Docs because it’s free and easy. Then I went to copy and paste it into Scrivener. That led to some interesting results to say the least. First, I had to re-activate my license for some reason. Then, I had something like this happen:

Then, when I tried pasting it using the built-in option of “Paste and Match Style,” I got this:

Or this:

When I tried pasting it in Notepad++ or saving the Google Doc as an rtf or Word doc, the line breaks would show up in the wrong place in Scrivener. But closing and Reopening Scrivener seems to solve the issue. ¯_( ツ )_/¯ They really need to get the new version released for Windows.

Time spent: 42 minutes
Words written: 805

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